On Canadian soil once again!

Edmonton, it is good to be in your presence again!!  Our feet touched down on Canadian soil on the evening of June 30th… although by the time my plane got in, it was already the 1st of July.  My parents and Morgan met me at the airport at 1am, along with Brendon, who had gotten in a few hours earlier.  The times were happy, and it was so good to see and embrace the dearly loved people whom I had not seen for two and a half years.  The decorated garage door at my parent’s place was also a heartwarming sight to come home to. 

Flights went smooth, although Brendon’s route was a little less direct than mine; Auckland-Brisbane-L.A.-Vancouver-Edmonton was his flight path.  A bit less than ideal, but it got him there safely, though pretty exhausted.

For Canada Day, we took in the festivities in downtown St. Albert, which included a “Battle of the Bands.”  Around 11pm when the sun finally descended beneath the horizon, we took in the spectacular firework display put on by the St. Albert City Council, which impressively lasted a solid 10 minutes.

It was both special and appropriate that our first day back in Canada would be Canada Day.  It’s been a little while since we’ve celebrated Canada Day on our home turf…


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