To Canada and back again.

The past 21 days have been none less than a whirlwind of joyous reunions, heat waves, delicious food, fantastic company, roadtrips, and sights both familiar and new.  

Within the past 3 weeks, my feet have been priviledged enough to touch 3 Canadian provinces, and 5 American states.  I actually can’t believe it’s over.   

We’ve been to Edmonton (and beyond) and back again- well, at least I have. 

Brendon is actually currently in L.A., spending a couple of weeks researching at Fuller Theological Seminary.  The widow of the theologian he is doing his PhD on, James McClendon, is a professor at Fuller, and she was kind enough to offer to meet with Brendon and connect him with other people and resources that will also be helpful. 

We tried to be as people-oriented as possible on our trip, leaving very little down time, and especially limited time for blogging and photo editing.   Not to worry, though- ample photos were definitely taken, and I can’t wait to share with you all the highlights and stories from our trip. 

Now that I’m back in Auckland, you can expect a steady flow of blog posts to catch you up on the past couple weeks.


2 thoughts on “To Canada and back again.

  1. Beautiful cupcakes! For the wedding? Why did you travel separately? How awesome Brendon gets to meet James’ wife! I want to learn more about Edmonton/St Albert so looking forward to more posts!

    • My little sister Morgan made the cupcakes for a welcome home barbeque- she is a super talented cupcake connoisseur! We travelled separately because I had booked my ticket quite some time ago, and Brendon’s more recently- it was super pricy to get Brendon on the same flight. Not ideal, but we both got there. There will definitely be some pics of Edmonton coming in future posts! 🙂

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