Things that change and things that don’t.

If anything was made clear to us on our trip home, it is that we have really good people in our lives.

As far as friends and family go, we are pretty sure we have struck gold, and were ever-so reminded of how blessed we such a stellar community of people back in Canada.

Our friends’ lives appear to have changed quite a bit since we left; pretty much all of them have purchased houses, and most of them have had a couple of kids.

While some would say we are “at different places in life,” we beg to differ that these changes should cause any sort of distance in our friendship.

It’s been neat watching our friends become parents, and so special meeting many new little people for the first time.

Anna, Naomi, Henry Richard, Joah, Makinley, and Henry Gillard were among the wee persons we finally met acqaintance with.

Even though we’ve lived on different continents for the past couple years and although some things have changed during that time, it was so wonderful to come home and be reaffirmed that some things have not changed.

It was amazing and SO GOOD to reconnect in real life again with people who are so dear to our hearts.

The value of a shared past, and a known history of each other’s lives, is irreplaceable.

Despite the physical distance that has existed between us over the past two and half years, our friendships have sustained themselves, and in some cases, even grown deeper.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have such edifying, uplifting people our lives who care about us and who have supported us through this journey.

Knowing how fast kids grow up these days, I was a bit unsure how much my little sister Morgan might have changed over the past couple years since I’d been home.  This is a tricky thing to gauge over Skype and emails.  Being just 10 years old when we moved to NZ, I knew she would definitely have grown in stature- in fact, I predicted she would likely be taller than me!  Well, she’s not quite there yet, but I am nearly certain that by the time we return for good, she will have passed me in height for sure!  My fears that she had grown up too much were greatly relieved when I realized Morgan is still the same awesome girl that we knew a few years ago, just slightly taller and with a blossoming maturity.  In fact, I couldn’t have imagined Morgan being any more awesome- seriously, she is such a cool girl!!

We had such a great time hanging out with her during the Great Iowa Roadtrip, exploring the Enjoy Centre, sharing some good times together in St. Albert/Edmonton.  Brendon and I are so proud of Morgan, and especially look forward to living in the same city as her again.

We are so thankful for the quality times shared with many of the people who are super dear to us (most often over a delicious meal)- these times were indeed cherished and are fondly looked back upon as we flick through photos.

Thanks, Mom, for your cherry cheesecake and homemade perogies- as amazing as I’d remembered them.

Friends and family of Edmonton (and Red Deer, Saskatoon, and Iowa), thanks for being amazing, and for your love across the Pacific over the past 2.5 years.

You welcomed us so warmly and hosted us so graciously.  We experienced such generosity and hospitality each day… and were truly touched by your kindness.  Edmonton is blessed by your existence, and we look forward to returning to you and being able to share in more of the everyday moments of life again one day.


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