School’s out.


Another school year wrapped up this past Thursday.  It was an extremely busy end to the school year, right up until the very last moment; hence, the lack of posts over the past few weeks.  An update is long overdue, so let’s catch you up with what has been filling our days.

Cornwallis 2012 105

After making it through report writing, the end of the school year was jam-packed with celebratory festivities, which included a trip to a local outdoor pool, a relaxing day spent at Cornwallis Beach (pictured above), a class talent show, a “hot chip” shared lunch, and a couple of awards ceremonies.  I’d say we ended the year on a very high note, and there was indeed much to celebrate.  Although I only joined this group of thirty kids mid-way through the year, they have been a very easy group of kids to love.  The enthusiastic, helpful group of students are a really neat bunch of young people, full of a love of sport, drama, and dance.  We got along really well, and I am sad that our time together has come to an end so soon.  I was absolutely spoiled with all sorts of lovely gifts at the end of the year, and was given so many treasures with which to remember this stellar bunch of students.


I wish I could post a photo of their precious 8 and 9 year old faces for you.  Instead, here’s a photo that one of my took of me on our last day of school.  This particular student was in a photography group that I led, so I pretty much taught her everything she knows. (Jokes.)  Thanks, Sophie, for the photo.

last day of school

One aspect of the end of the school year that I particularly look forward to is attending my students’ (and former students’) dance shows.  I had the privilege of attending two shows this year, both of which were most entertaining and delightful.  In one show, several of my students were involved in a hip hop number entitled “Canada’s Finest,” in which they hip hopped their little hearts out to some of Canada’s most notable musical artists… Bieber, Avril Lavigne, and Carly Rae Jepsen.  It was touching… sort of.  Very cute, anyways.  I did especially adore their costumes… red hooded vests with white maple leafs silkscreened onto them.  My students thoughtfully asked if I’d like one made in my size.  I was slightly tempted to say yes, but on recognizing that I probably had enough Canadian apparel, I politely declined the offer.


A week prior to the school year’s end, I moved classrooms.  My students helped me pack up Room 6, and we shifted the entire contents of our classroom, including all the student desks, into another room.  Room 10 is lovely new place where I will begin the 2013 school year with my new class of Year 4 students.


This little guy, a lively turtle named Ninja, kept me company in Room 10 this past week.  As cool as Ninja is, I’m happy to say that he will be moving classrooms as well so that he can be cared for by another reptile-loving teacher.

Now for an update on the theology front.

Breno at work

In early December, Brendon presented a paper at the STAANZ  (Systematic Theology Association of Aotearoa NZ) conference in Auckland.  Entitled “Cardiac Theology,” his presentation focused on James McClendon’s use of the metaphor of the heart as the church’s yes and no response to culture.

Breno at work.

Another project that has been the focus of Brendon’s time in recent months is an article entitled, “James McClendon’s Baptist Imagination,” which was published in the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research.  This was Brendon’s first peer-reviewed scholarly article, so he will now go down in the history of the world as a published theologian.

Brendon has also writes a coffee column each month for a local magazine called The Garden.  You can view the latest issue of The Garden by downloading it here.

After a bustling last few weeks, we are very much relieved to be able to take a couple of deep breaths.  Let the holidays begin.


3 thoughts on “School’s out.

    • Thanks, Nanny! Yes, the times were indeed quite busy, but it is so nice to be on break now. Both of us have been enjoying the lack of schedules, assignments, and places to be. Looking forward to connecting with you as soon as your skype is fixed! Love you.

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