A White Christmas in Auckland.


We could escape the cold, but we couldn’t escape the snow.  Thanks to my brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Sarah, who live in Iowa, this Christmas would not be a snowless Christmas in Auckland.

Snow in a Can

Knowing how much we would be missing the fluffy white stuff from back home, and how much of an anomaly it would be to have snow in Auckland at Christmas time, they thoughtfully sent over this gift of “Snow in a Can.”

making snow

On Christmas Day, we opened it with our friends- and had a blast.  Brought us right back to the days of our youth, and conjured memories of building snow forts and making snow angels.  And snowball fights.

mysterious white powder

The can held a small bag containing a mysterious white powder… how this got past border control, we’re not sure…  Anyways, when combined with water, the substance enlarged into a light and fluffy substance, very closely resembling snow.



More water made more snow, and after a little crafting by Brendon, Dale, and Brandon, this adorable little snowman came to life.

Mr. Frosty Man

The can even included eyes and a scarf!  How cute!!

The amazing part was the texture, and how true to life the snow looked and behaved.  Although it felt soft and gel-like to the touch, when you packed it together into a ball and threw it on the street, it splattered just as a freshly formed snowball would.


We celebrated with our “Canadian family” (friends) at Dale and Amber’s this year.


In typical Kiwi fashion, most of the celebration took place outdoors on the patio.



With this being Imogen’s first Christmas, it was a special Christmas for all of us.  So much fun having this crawling cutie in our midst!


After a delicious feast of a bbq’d chicken, ham, and a scrumptious array of vege sides, we opened some home-made Christmas crackers and enjoyed Amber’s delicious, home-made apple pie (adorned with a starfish) for dessert.

Although this was our third Christmas in New Zealand, this was our first Christmas in Auckland, and our first summer Christmas with “snow.”  It certainly was a special one!

I am a Christmas unicorn



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