Fresh eyes on Edmonton.

Christina & Jesse

Remember our adventurous Kiwi friends, Christina and Jesse, who left New Zealand about a year ago and moved to the Northern community of Norman Wells, NWT? Christina’s parents, Wayne and Gill, are the lovely and generous people who graciously hosted us in New Plymouth last April. All caught up? Excellent.


Well, Christina and Jesse recently visited Edmonton! I was super eager to hear what these two cool Kiwis thought of our home city. Christina writes beautifully and shares her thoughts on Edmonton, along with a delicious-looking recipe for stuffed mini pumpkins here on her blog, De La Casa. I highly recommend you check it out.


Although I wished we could have been there ourselves to show our friends around, I am delighted that Christina and Jesse had such a great time in Edmonton, and were able to find and experience some of Edmonton’s gems. Having never been to Noorish before, I am looking forward to checking it out upon our return. Thanks for the heads-up on this, Christina!


I just have to say that I have LOVED experiencing Northern Canada through the eyes of Christina and Jesse, and seeing all the tantalizing edible goods flowing out of their kitchen. Living in an isolated Northern community would certainly have its challenges- (the lack of daylight, fresh produce, and supplies- just to name a few), but I love how Christina and Jesse have embraced them with such a positive attitude and demonstrated such perseverance. We are inspired by their courageous and adventurous spirits, and hope to make it up to visit Canada’s Northern regions one day ourselves.


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