Love your neighbour.


The importance of neighbours is sometimes underestimated in this day and age. It’s easy to go about living life, totally unaware and unconnected to the people who live beside, below, above, or across from you. We’re busy people, and for the most part, we can look after ourselves. But there is something to be said about knowing that if you need someone to go into your house to turn your hair straightener off (because you accidentally left it on), or you need someone to water your basil plants while you’re camping up North, there is someone who has got you covered.

I can say that we have definitely had that here at our little flat on Mt. Eden Road. And we’ve been lucky- you don’t usually get to pick who your neighbours are, but we’ve been blessed to live beside, above, and below some very friendly and trustworthy people.

Block party

After living in our little flat for just over 2.5 years, our first “block party” was organized. One of the lovely girls upstairs took the initiative to organize a bbq for the whole of our complex, and it was a great time. Everyone but one tenant was able to make it out. We’ve got a lovely mix of people in our flat- three of whom are involved in the tv/movie industry, a guy who owns his own skateboard company, and three lovely gals upstairs from the UK/Ireland.

It’s been fun getting to know the people who live around us a bit better. We got to know the girls upstairs the best probably, as we had them over for dinner a couple of months ago, and then they invited us up to their place for an exquisite meal.


When we think towards the future, we would like to be even more intentional about getting to know the people we find ourselves in neighbourly proximity to in years to come. I think this whole experience has helped us realize the importance, or moreso the value, of having relationships with those who we find ourselves living next to. I would say the simple act of organizing a communal bbq created a deeper sense of community within the complex already. It’s amazing what can happen when people do something as basic as sharing a meal together.

We have loved living here in our little flat behind the shops that line Mt. Eden Road.

Our lovely little flat.

It’s been a really great little spot, and we sure are going to miss the friendly hello’s from neighbours as they pass up and down the stairs, the neighbourhood cat (Sachi) that wanders in to say hello every couple of days, the birds that create delightful little melodies for our ears to enjoy, the tropical palm trees that surround the premises, and the patio where we enjoyed many a meal on warm summer evenings.

Dinner on patio

We will surely miss the freedom and serenity that this place provided once we move back onto campus at Brendon’s school this coming Friday. A huge shout out to our neighbours, for making this such a happy and peaceful place to dwell. Thanks for the great times!!

Neighbourhood flat


6 thoughts on “Love your neighbour.

  1. And a very cute flat indeed! So so cool when you take the time to get to know neighbours. They really do have your back, especially when you have plants or pets.. We’d be keen for a wee apartment like this when (if) we move back, most likely to Auckland.

    • Ah, such great times when you and Fay came to visit, Nanny! We were just reminiscing the other day about your time here. Love the way you embrace life and new experiences, Nanny! xoxo

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