New beginnings in an old place.

East Wing 042

It’s official- we’ve moved back into East Wing. A place we never thought we’d return to… but just happens to be quite convenient for our situation.


As soon as we entered the building, memories of times with the Keels, McConnells, and Koerselmanns flooded back. Those were some pretty good times! It sure was pretty special to share in the newness of New Zealand and the challenges of moving to another country alongside these fine people.

We successfully sold our major pieces of furniture (thankfully!), and managed to sell a number of other belongings on TradeMe in order to help with the down-size in space- although a disspointingly high number of people failed to show to pick up their auction items. Despite being stuck with some extra pieces that we didn’t plan on taking with us, we did manage to get all of our belongings to our new home with one final trip out West today. A big thank you to Brandon and Jimmy who helped with taking a load of our stuff over for us this week, along with the many other people who kindly offered to help with the move. We have some very kind friends.

Best couch of your life

Interestingly, our (beloved) couch was bought on TradeMe by the father of one of my students! At least we know it is going to a good home!

East Wing 005

Our new “abode” is a one bedroom studio with an office and private bathroom. Just a slightly smaller space than what we are used to… but we’ll make it work. It’s even got a little patio out the back… which gets a lovely dose of sunshine for the first half of the day.

East Wing 043

As much as we know we are going to miss the freedom and comfort of our little flat, we are going to try to make the most of this next phase of a return to communal living.

Here’s to a new chapter in an old and familiar place!


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