15 reasons to live in East Wing.

East Wing

1.  You’d like to save a little bit of cash.

Laidlaw College

2.  You’re a student and/or staff at Laidlaw College, and by living on campus, you reduce your morning and afternoon commute time down from 120 minutes to 30 seconds.

3.  You think sharing a kitchen with 15 other people is fun.


4.  The pure convenience of living across from the world’s biggest (and cheapest) PAKnSAVE.  Grocery shopping just can’t get any easier.

5.  You work in West Auckland, so the commute in to work is very minimal.

6.  East Wing is furnished, and because you eventually plan to move overseas, it allows you the time to sell all of your belongings on TradeMe.

Clothes on the line.

7.  You prefer to dry your underwear naturally on the communal outdoor line.

8.  You like making new friends.

9.  The name East Wing just has such a nice ring to it.  Almost like your favourite tv drama, West Wing.

Lemon tree

10.  You love feijoas and lemons, and realize that there’s one of each of these trees outside your room.  It’s practically like living in an orchard!

11.  You don’t mind a few ants invading your picnic (or your sock drawer).

12.  It’s possible to make those early morning and late night sessions at the gym happen because the Trusts Stadium is located about 100m out your door.

Trusts & Pineapple palms

13.  Going for runs beside pineapple palms just never grows old, and you enjoy the invigorating vibe of the nearby track.  It’s inspiring to train on the same turf where your favorite All Blacks train (on occasion.)


14.  Laundry is FREE, and available in house!  Doing laundry is no longer an outing that needs to be scheduled into your week, but something can be done while you whip up a batch of cupcakes.  What luxury!

15.  Having experienced it before, you remember the joys of communal living, and decide you’d go back for seconds.

Dwelling place.

It is for some (but not all) of these reasons that we have chosen to reside in East Wing.


4 thoughts on “15 reasons to live in East Wing.

  1. Pineapple trees!! I miss those. Communal living eh – def has its pros and cons. I think we’ve done our dash of it after living in the boys quarters at a private school for a year! It’s the ‘selling off your possessions’ one I can for sure agree with!

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