Ponsonby central.


An intriguing new development in Auckland is Ponsonby Central.


Located on 136-138 Ponsonby Road in the hip district of Ponsoby, Ponsonby Central opened its doors just a couple of months ago, and is sure to attract lots of attention once word gets out.


This unique meeting place houses a couple of cafes, a fresh produce market, and a wide variety of cultural eating establishments.  Thai, Spanish, Japanese, Italian… whatever you fancy, you’re likely to find it at Ponsonby Central.



Brendon was especially intrigued by El Sizzling Chorizo, an Argentinian BBQ restaurant.  Over an open flame (and for a reasonable price), they will grill your meat as you sit and watch, letting the sizzling sounds and tantalizing aromas overcome your senses.


This cultural smorgasbord has great style- we really enjoyed the aesthetics of the building, from the concrete walls to the worn, wooden floors, and ample skylights letting in wonderful amounts of natural light.

Ponsonby Quarter

There is an outdoor strip between the market and the main building which creates a lovely alleyway for people to enjoy their fare outdoors.



The local radio station, Ponsonby Radio, runs out of this hub as well, along with a quality local butcher, Neat Meat.



The place had a fresh, funky vibe to it.  We really liked it, and definitely recommend you visit Ponsonby Central if you havn’t already.  Take a friend a go for lunch!  And stock up on fresh produce while you’re there, as well.



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