Banana tree.

bunch of bananas

Living on campus at Laidlaw College becomes a lot more exotic when you find out that you share turf with a banana tree.  That’s right- a real, living, banana-producing banana tree has roots on Laidlaw property.

Although bananas do grow in the warmer, subtropical parts of NZ, the bananas in the supermarket are primarily imports from Ecuador or the Phillipines.  It is rare to come across locally grown bananas in most parts of NZ.


We had not laid eyes on a banana tree until our lovely neighbour in East Wing, Jaime, explained that the banana leaf she used to line the bowl of her delicious curry came from a tree on campus.

Amazed by this news, we went out in search of this banana tree one evening.


After a little bit of searching, we found it.  Just inside the entrance to the college stands this glorious banana tree.

banana tree

If you look close enough, you can see two bunches of bananas growing.

banana tree

Yep, there they are!


Here is yet another selling point for East Wing: Live here and pick your own bananas, fresh off the tree out front.


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