Seedy chocolate truffles.

Seedy Chocolate Truffles

I have found that one of the key components in making sustainable changes to one’s diet is redefining what a ‘treat’ is.  Who says a treat has to be unhealthy?  A very sweet teaching colleague of mine introduced me to these delightful little morsels and then kindly lent me the source of this wholesome recipe.  Thanks, Kimberly!  Dr. Libby’s Real Food Chef cookbook is an excellent resource filled with page after page of awesome recipes, many of which are Paleo friendly, but all which are gluten-free and based around whole/real foods.

paleo chocolate truffles

I found myself lacking the tools (a food processor) to get this mixture ground nice and smooth (as Kimberly’s were).  But even a tad on the chewy side, these truffles were delicious.  With a rich chocolate flavour and JUST enough sweetness, these treats seem indulgent even though they are pretty good for you.  Dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and nutrient rich, there aren’t many excuses NOT to enjoy one of these wonderful and satisfying bites for a snack.

Seedy choc truffles

Simple Chocolate Truffles (from Dr. Libby’s Real Food Chef)


1/3 cup cacao powder (I used cocoa)

1/2 dessicated coconut

8 fresh dates, pitted and coarsely chopped

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup water

pinch of salt


1.  Combine cocoa with the seeds in a food processor and pulse until combined.  Add coconut and salt, pulsing again.

2.  Add the chopped dates to the mixture in the processor and pulse until the ingredients begin to form a dough.  Add the water to smooth the mixture and pulse for a few more seconds.

3.  Roll a portion of the mixture between your palms to form medium sized balls.  If the mixture is crumbling, add amore water.  Lay them on baking paper, and chill truffles until ready to use.

Serving suggestion:

Truffles can be rolled in cacao nibs or finely chopped pistachio nuts.  (I didn’t have either on hand, so I rolled mine in finely chopped pumpkin seeds.  They were delish!)

paleo chocolate truffles


3 thoughts on “Seedy chocolate truffles.

  1. These are like Lara Bars! Love sweets like this and the flavor combinations you can make. Add freshly grated ginger, molasses and cloves for gingerbread tasting treats, or mashed banana and cinnamon/nutmeg for banana bread ones. I agree regarding treats. Funny how we used to (me anyway) ‘treat’ our bodies with stuff that made them feel horrid afterwards! Not much of a treat really..

    • Why yes indeed! Those sound like fantastic variations on flavours, Christina! I still have a sweet tooth and still do like to indulge at times… but it’s nice to find sweets that you can feel better about eating. Hope you are keeping well in the North! Any signs of spring yet?

      • Just made these and they’re soo good! I used brewed espresso instead of water and they have a good bite! Spring hmm, yes only -20 yesterday! Back to -38 today though.. Long days which we are soaking up. Look forward to getting more energy back with the return of the sun, and hopefully soon, warmth!

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