Venturing (west) southeast.


Just seven weeks left… until what, you ask?  We will be returning to Canada, but not right away.  In between the end of the school term and our scheduled return to Canada in June, we will be setting foot on the continent to our west, but most of the world’s southeast.

We are very excited to soon explore Southeast Asia, as our first travel venture outside of Western culture.   Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam will be our primary countries of exploration.  We have heard amazing things from friends who have visited these areas, and can’t wait to see (and taste) the glory of this historic region for ourselves.

Breno & Mel

Special thanks to our lovely friend Nikki for snapping these photos for us.


2 thoughts on “Venturing (west) southeast.

  1. Southeast Asia – how exciting! Will you take all your moving/belongings enroute to Canada or will you just be backpacking? You guys are looking so fit and sunned!

    • Aw thanks, Christina! 🙂 You’re so sweet. We will indeed be backing in SE Asia, so will make a quick last top in NZ to swap our backpacks for suitcases before heading across the Pacific.

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