Depot: Eat here.


While we havn’t dined out extensively during our time in Auckland, we have indeed enjoyed some memorable eating experiences in this fine city.  A recent visit to Depot, a local restaurant owned by well-known chef Al Brown, proved to rank among our favorite dining experiences.

After being told the wait would be close to an hour, we were delighted when our mobile phone rang in half that time, letting us know that there was a table ready for us.

We first heard of Chef Al Brown through his tv show, Get Fresh, where he travels around to different parts of NZ and creates meals from ingredients sourced locally from that particular region.  With a passion for fresh, locally sourced produce and meals that represent the regions in which they are served, we took a liking to Al Brown’s style and decided we  should definitely check out his restaurant.


The style of Depot was slightly masculine, but with feminine touches.  The metal drinkware- quite manly, right?

vintage silverwear depot

The manliness is off-set by the daintiness of the vintage silverware that could be your grandmother’s.


A tin can utensil holder gives a casual vibe, while the food- in its quality, taste, and presentation- is clearly some of the best you will find around the city.

The vibe of Depot was humming and upbeat, the kind of place where you’d like to meet up for dinner with a few good mates, or take some friends who are new to the city.

Although very busy, the staff were calm, cool, and super friendly.


As Depot specializes in oysters, Brendon couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try some.  They went down smoothly, and Brendon gave his seal of approval.


A perfectly cooked hapuka belly with eggplant & toast was extremely flavourful and palate pleasing.  Topped with fresh coriander, this dish was bursting with flavour and was composed of a variety of comforting textures.  The mini grilled toasts to accompany the dish were absolutely adorable.


Dressed in a tangy yoghurt dressing, the rutabaga slaw was a fabulous and refreshing side dish.  The fresh raw macadamia nuts in the slaw were out of this world.

Depot, Auckland

The skirt steak was another fabulous dish which we would like to take a moment to rave about.  Succulent slices of beef were served alongside crispy tobacco onions, with a wedge of iceburg lettuce to balance out the heat of the dish.


The star of the show, however, was the habanero mustard, served in this chunky glass jar.  This stuff was spicy candy goodness.

We left with pleased palates and zero complaints, feeling fully satisfied with our experience at Depot.  Do visit this amazing eating establishment in the heart of Auckland City (right beside the Sky Tower), if you get the chance.


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