Final four.

Final four.

We are into the home stretch now… our final month (and last four weeks) in this luscious land flowing with manuka honey.


Within the next four weeks, a few tasks still lie in front of us:  Finish up the school term, a thorough edit on the first 4 chapters of Brendon’s PhD, somehow make the rest of our belongings fit into two suitcases and two carry-ons, photograph a wedding, attend a few farewell functions, and possibly the hardest task of saying  goodbye to some special people and places that have become very dear to our hearts over these past 3 years.

The time is passing all too quickly, but we were thankful for this long weekend to slow down a bit, spend some relaxing times with friends, and take care of some things that needed to be done.


(A special thanks to our mate Dale for capturing these photos for us at Eastern Beach this past weekend.)


2 thoughts on “Final four.

  1. So adorable, you two. You have done so well to find good photographers wherever you go! Sad to think this season is almost over for you. Moving back from the land of flowing manuka honey to that of maple syrup! Keep soaking it all up – you have inspired us to explore our own homeland more!

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