O Canada: We’ve missed you! [Things we are looking forward to returning to].


Two years ago, we began a few lists of things we miss/do not miss from Canada, and things that we will/will not miss when leave NZ (excluding humans).  This is the first in a series of 4 posts that will unveil our lists to public eyes.

Since making some changes to our diets while in NZ, a number of items have come off our list (beause we no longer miss them).

Things we miss from Canada (and are looking forward to returning to) include:

Joe Clothing

Joe Clothing.

The organic aisle at Superstore.


Transcend Coffee. (photo credit: Transcend Coffee)

Pedestrians having the right of way.

Cheap(er) groceries… wait- cheap(er) everything.

Saskatoon berries.

Spaghetti squash.


Majestic horned creatures. (photo credit: Andy Goodall)

Teaching once again in the system I was trained in.

Cafes open past 4pm.

cozy christmas

Cozy Christmases.

Central heating.

Salsa in massive jugs.

Dill pickles.


Benefits for teachers.

Free healthcare.

Opportunities to practice the French language.

Affordable gym memberships.

Michael’s (one stop for all your crafting needs).

Maple syrup aplenty.

A whole lot of land out there for us to explore.

Prairie sunset


4 thoughts on “O Canada: We’ve missed you! [Things we are looking forward to returning to].

  1. Woah, so many things we need to make the most of while we are here! Can’t wait to visit Joe Fresh on vacation, buy cheap groceries, source fresh maple syrup in Quebec, practice our French, and explore Michaels! We will appreciate our dill pickles on our sandwiches all the more now 🙂

    • Haha, that’s right, soak in all that Canadian goodness!! 🙂 You must be getting excited for your Eastern Canada explorations, Christina! Looking forward to seeing and reading all about your fabulous finds on that trip!

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