Stonefruit in February and other things we will miss. dearly.

And on to the things we will miss…

North Piha

Kohimarama Beach

Endless beach options.  East Coast or West Coast?  White sand or black?  Busy or remote?  We are truly spoiled for choice in Auckland.

Mt. Eden

Volcanoes to picnic on and watch the sun make its glorious descent.

Vino from NZ’s lush vines.

Nice Blocks.

Nice Blocks.

Palm trees.  Of many varieties.  Just outside our front door.

Really. Good.  Yoghurt.  And cheese.  NZ dairy is top notch.


Stonefruit in February.

Consumables made in your very own city.  The fact that the hummus you ate for lunch today was made just down the road.


Feijoas in April.

$5 prescriptions.

Friday Night at Bethells

That soft, enchanting light at Bethells Beach on Friday nights.

Baby Sheep One Tree Hill

Baby sheep on One Tree Hill.

Cheap car insurance.


Pumpkin.  So abundant and plentiful.  Not to mention versatile.

Movies in Parks.

The All Blacks.  In particular, Dan Carter, Piri Weepu, and Sir Richie McCaw.

Lemon curd frozen yoghurt from The Store.  And Kohu Road Cardamon Ice Cream.  Have I mentioned the dairy here is just unreal?

Bethells Cafe

Laid-back, hospitable locals (on the whole.)

Savoury pies.

Morning tea.


The melodic songs of exotic winged creatures.

barefooted children

Barefooted children.


Pohutukawa trees.

New Zealand, you have surely been good to us! We shall never forget your greatness or beauty.



3 thoughts on “Stonefruit in February and other things we will miss. dearly.

  1. This is so beautiful – makes me homesick, despite the fact that we are exploring incredible parts of Canada right now. Many of these you can bring back with you! We still do morning tea here, use pumpkins a LOT (there is way more variety in Canada!) and walk around barefoot 😛

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