One. Not a week, but a day. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind, and we suddenly find ourselves with just 24 hours left in our beloved adoptive nation.

A kind and keen gentleman strolling the Wellington waterfront snapped this photo for us when we were photographing a friend’s wedding in the nation’s capital this weekend.

Our last day in Auckland (before our SE Asia adventure) was filled with some special times:

Neilsons & Keels

Reuniting with our dear friends Tim and Mimi Keel who are back in Auckland for a visit.

second last supper

A special last dinner with beloved friends.


Baby Jack

Meeting the newest member of our NZ family: Jack Alexander Hart!! (Huge congrats to Dale and Amber for the arrival of their first born son into the world!)


Our hearts are full… of many things. It’s hard to believe this is really it! There is much to process still… but now for some last minute packing.


Tomorrow, we are off to set foot on a new continent. First stop: Kuala Lumpur.


4 thoughts on “One.

  1. Ohhh! I can’t believe it! This is it!
    What an adventure you have been on.
    Thanks so much for sharing your comings and goings, your adventures with people, places, food, coffee, books, etc! It has been wonderful to share in your journey from here. Thanks sooo much for blogging! See you soon – back in Canada!
    Lot’s of love and prayers for the SE Asia adventure!

  2. WOW, NZ is loosing some fine talented people!
    I think you will love Asia its awesome. Enjoy and i look forward to reading more blogs and checking out your amazing photography skills.
    All the best Mel see you again one day!

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