Good morning, Vietnam.


Just a few days ago, we said hello to the fourth country in our journey: Vietnam.

mb 037

mb 029

So far, Vietnam is charming us with her iced coffees, an abundance of fresh herbs, and a feast of color for the eyes.

mb 005

We are happy to say that we successfully managed to avoid getting hit by a scooter (something we found on a “top ten things to do in Saigon” list), and while we definitely enjoyed the buzz of this very much alive city, we are now savoring the serenity of Hoi An’s much quieter but still very colorful city streets.

Hoi An

While many have travelled these roads before us, and many more will come after, we realize that we are very priviledged to be here right now, and are trying to make the most of this time and allow it to broaden our perspectives.

Hoi An



7 thoughts on “Good morning, Vietnam.

  1. Your braid is very neat, and I do like the basketball singlets! What a cool journey. Vietnamese food sounds wonderful – lots of herbs and vegetables! Post some photos of your meals… 😛

    • Thanks, Christina! Some posts on food (along with photos) are in the works! Stay posted… 🙂 Hope everything is going really well with your cafe! Just so stoked for you.

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