To Hanoi by rail.

To Hanoi by train

We travelled from Hoi An to Hanoi by train.

To Hanoi by train

We were lucky to have scored two lower berth “soft sleepers,” meaning that we had a padded mattress to stretch out on and a private room to ourselves until we were joined part way through by two friendly Vietnamese travellers who filled the upper berths.

Vietnam coastline

Following the coastline for the first part of the journey, the trip was highly scenic until the sun slipped beneath the horizon.


The 19 hour journey seemed to pass quickly- thanks to the soft sleepers, we both had a good nights’ rest, and we arrived safely at our destination of Hanoi, ready to explore Vietnam’s capital city.

Our South East Asia adventure has nearly come to an end. Our minds are full, taste buds inspired, and hearts very thankful.


Just one last stop: Singapore!


One thought on “To Hanoi by rail.

  1. Train, how cool! You’re such a babe – love that shot of you. I have been to Singapore but can barely remember it – look forward to seeing it again, through your eyes.

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