Farewelling New Zealand.


How does one say goodbye to a place that you have called home for 3.5 years, and people whose lives who have been fused to our own in that time?

Goodbye, NZ.

After our whirlwind of a journey through SE Asia, we returned to the safe, welcoming shores of New Zealand for but a twenty-four hour period to exchange our backpacks for suitcases, pack up a couple of boxes, and say goodbye to a few close friends back in Auckland.

Our time in NZ has been amazing. It’s hard to put words to what this experience has meant to us, or to understand fully how it has shaped us.


We can say, however, that the people we have encountered along the way, especially those whom we have journeyed closely with, have perhaps illuminated or brought out different facets of ourselves that we may not have known existed.

Dale, Amber & Jack

There have been many people who have enhanced our lives and helped bring a depth and richness to our time here.

Bea & Kyle


It’s been such a privilege to journey with these quality human beings and share many great times and conversations together, often over meals.

Dinner with Goodkeys and Badgers

Leonie and Nathan

Some friends we will likely reunite with sometime in the not so distant future. For others, it is hard to say when we will see each other again.

Canada party.


It is sad to come to the end of a chapter in our lives that has been so good, in so many ways.

Stingray Bay

To quote a friend (Tim Keel) who used to live in new Zealand but left, “The beauty of New Zealand wounds you.” That wound will likely scar over, but its mark on us will always be there.

Though we are excited to return to loved ones in our homeland of Canada, a part of our hearts will always be in New Zealand.

And now, a brief toast to the country who, with its beauty, simplicity, and grandeur, will be impossible to forget.


New Zealand,

May you stay forever green and beautiful.
May you continue to embrace foreigners with open arms, alluring them with your stunning beaches, lush hillsides, and world class dairy.
May your people continue to wander, wonder, and explore.
May peace reside on your shores, and also on your majestic mountain tops.
May the All Blacks continue to triumph over all nations on the world rugby scene.
And may there remain an appreciation of life lived for that which is intangible.

So for now, this is goodbye, New Zealand! We shall never forget you.

Cathedral Cove


10 thoughts on “Farewelling New Zealand.

    • Christina, I’m sure our friends would take you guys in. 🙂 Yeah, it’s all pretty crazy and will happen so soon. Really hope we will be able to connect with you and Jesse at least once while we are both on Canadian turf!

  1. Reminds me of the words of Tyrone Wells, in his song “Time of our Lives”.
    ” . . . It’s hard to walk away,
    from the best of days, but if it has to end,
    I’m glad you have been my friend,
    in the time of our lives.”

    We’ll be glad to have you home, but so glad that you’ve had this opportunity.
    Love you both.

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