Pacific sabatical.


Just a quick update to let you know where we are at: According to this signpost, we are precisely 2967km from Auckland,


and 9438km from Edmonton… in the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands

We will be spending a couple of days in Rarotonga on our way back to Canada. Call it a Pacific sabbatical, if you may.


We will embracing this stopover as a time to rest, debrief our trip, process the move, and take a deep breath as we prepare to begin a new chapter of our lives back in Canada.

There is lots we are excited to share with you about our recent journey to SE Asia, so you can expect to see a number of blog posts (with pics to accompany, of course) appear over the next few weeks.


5 thoughts on “Pacific sabatical.

  1. Muri Beach – love it. Had a fabulous holiday with children and sons in law at Te Manava three years ago then a retreat the following year by ourselves at Little Polynesian – bliss! Enjoy and safe travels x

    • Gill, sounds like you know the island well! Muri Beach is certainly a heavenly spot… we got out on a scooter one day to see a bunch of the other beaches… all of them just stunning. Rarotonga is pretty incredible! Hope you and Wayne are well! xx

  2. One of my favorite places in the world to vacation….I hope you made it to the yacht club for a cocktail on the deck with the great view of the lagoon 🙂 be careful of the scooter burns.

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