Kuala Lumpur: Getting our feet wet in South East Asia.


When setting foot in a new country (yet alone a new continent) for the first time, there are a lot of unknowns.

Air Asia


We were very fortunate to have Jamy and Chris, two lovely people whom we met in East Wing, introduce us to some of the novelties and chaos of SE Asia in a way that was very gentle and comfortable.

Jamy & Chris

We got to know Jamy and Chris in the halls of East Wing. Jamy and Brendon bonded almost instantly over their common love of food, with Brendon often following his nose into the communal kitchen to find out what Jamy was cooking. Jamy’s very generous spirit resulted in many delicious lunches for Brendon.

KL skyline

We were so thrilled to begin our SE Asia adventure by visiting these two new friends in their home city of KL, Malaysia. Within Malaysia, there are three distinct ethnic groups: Chinese-Malaysian, Indian-Malaysian, and Malay. Jamy and Chris happen to be Indian-Malaysian.

Food centre


Jamy was very excited to have us taste as many local dishes as possible in the 48 hours we were there. Nosi Lamak, Indian pancake with curries and chutneys, pulled tea, fresh coconut drink, and chicken satays were a few of the Indian-Malaysian delicacies Jamy had us try.

Ice floss

The mango ice floss was especially delicious.

Petronas Towers

Central Market

In between meals, Jamy kindly took us around to see a few of KL’s hotspots, including the well known (and very tall) Petronas Towers, as well as the Central Market.


There was a beautiful pool in Jamy and Chris’ complex, which brought refreshing relief from temperatures in the mid 30 range.


Our visit had interesting timing, as it was the week of the national election. The city was plastered with signage, and it was evident that tensions were high.

Jamy's home cooking

Jamy spoiled us with her home cooking, and we were very touched by their immense generosity and hospitality towards us. Thanks to our friends, we had a very relaxing and enjoyable time in Malaysia, and a very comfortable introduction to South East Asia. We can only hope that we might get the pleasure of hosting Chris and Jamy in Canada someday!

Malaysian florals


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