Thoughts on home.

Canada Day in the Bruns

We interrupt the travel stories to bring you a current update on our lives here back in Canada.

Browns Beach, NB

Our current location: West Quaco, New Brunswick.

Altogether... in the Stillness

We are here “In the Stillness,” at Brendon’s parent’s place. Brendon’s younger sister, Kendra, got married last weekend, and since then, we have been enjoying reconnecting with family and friends out here, and soaking in the beauty of Canada’s East Coast.

St. Martins

For the past 10 weeks, we have been without a physical abode to call “home.” Through this time, we have questioned where “home” is and what “home” means.

East Coast

Edmonton was home, so was New Zealand, and we probably won’t have a permanent place to call home for a little while.

With the parents.

It is a bit of an unsettling feeling, although we are very thankful for the benevolence of friends and family who have been willing to take us in while we sort out our lives. We are trying to embrace this unique, nomadic season in our lives, and enjoy sharing life with different people and acquainting ourselves with new places.

Fundy Trail Parkway

Is home a place? Or is it a feeling/state of mind? If ‘home is where the heart is,’ what about when your heart is in multiple locations?

Jungle Bungalow

Since leaving New Zealand, ‘home’ has looked like many a hostel or hotel room, a hillside bungalow, a tree house in the jungle, or the cozy basement of friends.

Cabin in the Stillness.

Our current dwelling place is this cute, little cabin, tucked away in the woods on Brendon’s parent’s property.

So for the present, this is home.

On Canadian soil once again


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