Breno and Mel’s Thai Food Awards.

Seafood lemongrass curry


One of things we were most excited about prior to our trip to Thailand was the food. We couldn’t wait to surround ourselves with the tastiest Pad Thai, and discover all sorts of Thai delicacies that we hadn’t yet fathomed.


To our surprise, however, we discovered Thai people don’t just eat Thai food. As it turns out, sometimes Thai people like a bit of Mexican, or Turkish, or a good Italian pizza.)

King's Palace

Finding the best Thai food in Thailand turned out to be a bit of a mission, but we did track down some extremely tasty Thai delights and would like to hand out some awards to the dishes that stood out the most to us in a number of categories.

Pomello salad

Best vegetarian dish: Pomello & Coconut Salad from Khun Churn, a delightful vegetarian restaurant in the northern city of Chiang Mai that we searched for hours to find (and eventually did!)

Pineapple curry

Most unique curry: Pineapple Curry from the Koh Mak Resort Restaurant.

Fish in red curry

Best surf dish: The fish red curry from Koh Kood Resort.

Chiang Mai sausage

Best turf dish: Chiang Mai Sausage (mentioned in a previous post), available from the Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon in Bangkok.

Best pad thai

Best Pad Thai: The Pad Thai we enjoyed at the Thai Navy Restaurant with our friends from Thai Orchid. A good pad thai was surprisingly hard to track down in Thailand- especially in the North, where it was almost non-existent on menus.

Yellow curry

Street food

Best street food: A flavorful yellow curry with pork enjoyed from this street stand on our very first morning in Bangkok (before we were cautioned by our Thai Orchid friends to only eat street food that was cooked before our eyes.)

Morning Glory

Most healthful dish: Morning Glory. Available pretty much anywhere, though not often on the street. Basically, it’s a stringy green vegetable called “morning glory,” fried with garlic and sometimes a bit of red pepper. Simple, but tasty and healthful. An excellent way to get your greens while in Thailand.

Som Tam

Freshest flavors: Som Tam. This refreshing salad consists of grated green papaya and carrot, seasoned and tossed with peanuts and lime juice. Sometimes it comes with dried shrimp. Available at most Thai restaurants.

Spicy Mango Salad, Oasis Koh Chang

Best use of fresh herbs: Spicy Mango Salad from Oasis, Koh Chang. Similar to Som Tam, but jam-packed with fresh basil and a bit of a kick from some chilies.

Thai Rice Soup, Oasis Koh Chang

Best breakfast: Thai Rice Soup from Oasis, Koh Chang.

Thai coconut yoghurt

Best breakfast on the go: Thai Coconut Yoghurt. Available at your nearest 7-11.


Most delightful fruit: Mangosteen. Available from streetside fruit vendors everywhere.

Chiang Mai restaurant

Best ambiance: This lovely little open air restaurant with wicker lighting, located down one of the side soi’s along Nimmanhemin, Chiang Mai.

Siam House

Best service: Siam House, in the Silom district of Bangkok. Also home to the best green curry.

Fresh coconut shake

Best beverage: On a hot day in Thailand, nothing beats a fresh coconut shake (served in the real thing) from the beachfront restaurant at Siam Beach Resort, on Lonely Beach, Koh Chang.

Mango Sticky Rice

Best dessert: Mango sticky rice from Viewpoint Cafe on Koh Kood.

Thai crepe

Best new discovery: Thai crepes, otherwise known as Khun Dao. Mentioned on a previous post and available from the Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon. Easily savoured as a breakfast, snack, or dessert.


7 thoughts on “Breno and Mel’s Thai Food Awards.

  1. Those foods look soooo inviting. That Island is gorgeous. Love the quote re misfortune. Glad your schedule was a bit relaxed, and that you chose to enjoy rather than fret. 🙂

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