Feet in Edmonton.


“Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive.”
― Mercedes Lackey, Spirits White as Lightning


After 14 weeks of travel, 23 different cities, and 41 different beds, our feet are happy to finally be grounded in Edmonton.


Brendon has cracked the books again and is making progress with his thesis from home, or from the library at Concordia when he feels like a change of workspace.

Orange Blueberry Macaron Cake, Duchess Bakeshop

I am thankful to announce that a part-time job offer has come (hooray) from the Duchess Bake Shop here in Edmonton. Of course, this means that our season of being professional travelers has come to an end, although I think we are both ready for a bit of routine (and income.)

On Canadian soil

As for the hunt for a teaching job, all school districts have been applied to, and for now, it’s a bit of a waiting game as far as whether or not a teaching job will come for September. With the teaching situation not looking overly promising here in Edmonton, the thought has crossed my mind to explore other fields. I do feel a strong calling to stay within the field of education, however, and am really looking forward to applying my knowledge and experience gained in New Zealand back in the Alberta school system. It just might mean a bit of a wait in the meantime… and require a bit of persistence and optimism. (Does anyone know if you can get these in pill form?…)  For now, I am excited to delve into the sweet world of meringues and macarons… while the rest of our life sorts itself out.

Another view of Edmonton

Many kind offers have come from generous friends and family who have been willing to let us stay at their place. For the month of August, we have taken one friend up on his offer to let us stay at his inspiring downtown apartment.  Edmonton is looking pretty good from up here!

124 St., Edmonton

It’s been fun returning to our city, getting to know some new neighbourhoods, and exploring pockets of Edmonton that we hadn’t previously known very well.


We have to say, the river valley is looking quite majestic this time of year- a feature of Edmonton we didn’t take advantage of enough in the past.

The Cairnses

A special shout-out to some dear friends who have gone out of their way to make us feel at home and welcome back in our fair city, and make the transition easier on us in some pretty significant ways.

Edmonton YEG

We truly couldn’t make it through this transitory (and at many times disconcerting) time in our lives without the unwavering support of friends and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you- to everyone who has provided a place for us to lie our heads or provided support in various forms along the way.

m & b June 2013

While we are still in a mostly unsettled state, we recognize that we have so much to be thankful for. Our travels through SE Asia confirmed for us that we are SO blessed to call Canada home.  Merely being born here gives us more opportunities and privileges that most of the world could hardly dream of.

So while we wait for things like a teaching job, a vehicle, and a more permanent abode to fall into their respective places, recollected images of street food vendors, working from sun-up til sundown to meet their family’s basic needs, bring us to a position of thankfulness.



4 thoughts on “Feet in Edmonton.

  1. Totally makes me miss both of you. I love following your posts as it makes me feel like I’m still connected to you guys. Missed having you around the table at my birthday dinner! Lots of love to you both and I know that this new chapter back in Canada will bring so much to both of you!! God Bless.

    • Thanks, Amber!! Miss you too, friend! Thanks for following our journeys here, and for your continued friendship. Sorry we were absent from your b-day dinner this year… but glad to have avoided the ‘blessing of the loins’… haha. Love to you, Dale, and Jack from the home of the Oilers! Big hugs. xx

  2. The adventure has taken a different route, that’s all. You are so talented and versatile that Philippians 4:11 & following, can be your theme. (content in all circumstances). Hugs to you both. Sending much love, Nanny.

  3. Hey Mel!
    Not sure if you remember me, but hopefully my name sparks some high school memories, haha. I’ve been following your guys’ blog for a little while now, and I LOVE your adventures!
    As for a place to live, I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but I lived in downtown Edmonton for a while at an amazing location and price. On 11005-98 Ave, there’s a small low-rise building with one and two bedrooms for rent. I paid $750/mo for a 650 sq ft one bedroom. I heard the price hasn’t increased in three years either. If you’re interested, email (or Facebook) me and I can give you the landlord’s name number. There are often rooms for rent popping up!
    I’ll keep you both in my prayers 🙂

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