Thankful hearts.

Autumnal Bow River

On this Thanksgiving weekend, our first Canadian Thanksgiving in a little while, we stop to give thanks for many things.

Though not all could fit in this list, or be conveyed through a blog post, we find our hearts thankful, and wanted to express a bit of that.

We are thankful…


For a place to call home (and a closet to hang our clothes in.)


Remember our good friends Kristen, Brandon, and Imogen in NZ?  Well, Kristen’s parents (Dennis and Eunice) live in Red Deer, and have graciously invited us in to their beautiful house and given us a place to call “home” for the next few months.



For family- close by and afar.  (But much closer now than before, now that we are no longer separated by an ocean.)


For sisters.


For nieces and nephews.


For autumnal colors, flavors, and aromas.

Market morning with the Cairnses

For good friends and farmers markets.

new wheels

For a set of wheels to get us around, and from city to city (which we purchased from a friend just 4 days before receiving the call that we were moving to Red Deer)…

NZ reunions

For unexpected reunions with Kiwi friends… on Canadian soil (more on this one later).

Shag Point, South Island

For so many wonderful memories of times and adventures in our adoptive homeland of NZ… we shall never forget its striking beauty, nor the people who worked their way into our hearts over those 3.5 years.  We savour opportunities to talk about those days, and ears that care to listen.


For an incredible school to call my place of employment, and a stellar group of students to spend my days with… it feels amazing to be a teacher again!

Red Deer Public Library

For a place for Brendon to ponder, read, and write, which at present, is the Red Deer Public Library.


Oh, and we can’t forget the epic Prairie sunsets.

On a very honest note, we are still feeling a bit unsettled in our transition, but we recognize all these things (along with all that has been left unmentioned) as immense blessings, which we are sincerely grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and families here in Canada, as well as those celebrating this holiday of thankfulness on other parts of the globe.


2 thoughts on “Thankful hearts.

    • Thanks, Christina! Hope you are having an amazing time at home catching up with family and friends, and were able to have a celebration of sorts in NZ! Soak in all the goodness of that beautiful country. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back! xx

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