Oh the weather outside is frightful.


This was us, a year ago.


Now, here we are.

As you can see, we are still not quite sure to make of all the white stuff.  We are slightly stunned… slightly in awe… and partially baffled that people choose to live in these conditions.  While we had forgotten over four years’ time what Alberta winter temperatures were like, we quickly became acquainted with -30… and -40  (with the wind chill) over the past couple of weeks.

snow piles.

We’ve received a record snowfall so far in Red Deer.  With the snow piles nearly taller than me, it’s a little scary to think that winter only officially started… yesterday.  Where will we put the rest of it when it falls??

Baby, it's cold outside.

All this being said, there are many things worse than the cold and the snow.  Our SE Asian journeys put this well into perspective.  Our favourite spot these days is sitting by the fire, enjoying the warmth and ambience of the cozy indoors. (The NZ equivalent was huddling next to the space heater- not quite as romantic.)


We are trying hard not to think about the beaches we (not so long ago) frolicked upon, but is easier said than done, especially at this time of year.  Thinking of everyone who shared in our adventure in NZ… dear friends who journeyed closely with us, the Espresso Workshop whanau, Kaurilands and Maungawhau friends, Laidlaw crew, and students & parents who touched our hearts along the way.  Sending love to you all and holding dear the amazing times & memories shared in your beautiful land.  And to our friends and family in North America, if it weren’t for you, perhaps we wouldn’t be here right now… But it is delightful to be in your presence once again, and share this special season with you.



8 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is frightful.

  1. The weather in the NA at Christmas, is one of the reasons I enjoy going home to NZ for Christmas :-). The hubby enjoys the vacation as he gets some surfing in!! Merry Christmas – I love your Maori dolls.

  2. Don’t forget that often we have a “green” or “brown” Christmas, so next year might be altogether different. Nowhere in the world will be as beautiful as New Zealand, and I am so thankful that I had the privilege of visiting there while it was your home.

    Love, Nanny.

    • Nanny, so true… those brown Christmases do happen from time to time… so odd when it does, but lovely when you can have a game of bocce ball on Christmas Day! 😉 Miss you, Nanny! Thanks for being so amazing at keeping in touch. All your comments mean so much.
      Love you!!

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