A new abode [out on our own again].


A year after we said goodbye to our beloved little abode in Mt. Eden, and after moving 6 different times, we finally have a place to call “our own” again.  Just 2 blocks away from my school, this little 1-bedroom apartment should do very nicely for us.

neilson abode

Brendon has been continuing the writing process from home most days, which has meant that we have been able to drastically cut down on gasoline consumption during the week.

We still have a few pieces to acquire, but most of the essentials are set up for now.  Our favourite features of this suite are definitely the floors and the large patio-doors leading out to the balcony.


Pulling out our old belongings from storage was a bizarre feeling… some items we completely forgot that we owned!  Admittedly, we have changed a lot in the past 4 years, and so have our tastes and preferences.  It is great to have pots, pans, and dishware to fill our kitchen, as well as some basic furniture to make our home functional… instead of having to start from scratch this time around!  Many, many thanks to our friends and family who kindly stored or provided a home for our stuff for us while we were away.

Having to abandon most of our possessions in New Zealand, we find we are way less attached to material possessions than we used to be.  Knowing what we know now, we wouldn’t have saved and stored all that we did… oh well!  Much easier on the bank account to sort through and down-size rather than have to acquire a whole bunch of new things.


Since returning, we’ve become more acutely aware that the accumulation of stuff is a common practice in our society.  We are not sure how much we want to partake in this system, or how to balance obtaining functional items that will be useful and appreciated, and developing an outlook of “enough.”

We decided to venture out and meet a few of the locals here, which involved some cupcakes and a couple of quite awkward moments in doorways.  But it was nice to meet the people who do life above, beside, and below us these days.

While our place is still “coming together” in many ways, we can definitely appreciate having our own space to govern again.  We hope that this will be the beginning of a more “settled” existence here in Canada.


6 thoughts on “A new abode [out on our own again].

  1. Such a nice place! Loved seeing the Chemex on the table…missing our cafe dates in Auckland! You guys look great and it’s nice to hear you’ve got your own place after so long. Dale and I can totally relate to being less attached to material possessions after living abroad for 10+years! It’s kind of freeing isn’t it? Lots of love to you both!!

    • Hey Amber, thanks for your note! Brendon is loving the Chemex these days. Yes, you guys would definitely be able to relate with all the inter-continental moving you have done! Makes you want to accumulate less. Wow, is Jack ever growing insane amounts! Can’t believe he will be one in just a couple months. Love & miss you guys!! xx

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