Looking back, looking ahead.


One year ago (give or take a few days), we celebrated Brendon’s birthday with friends at Brother’s Beer in Auckland.  As Brendon’s 29th birthday came, we spent a few minutes reminiscing about this day last March, and then got caught up in other pictures from that time in life that was so incredibly rich and memorable.


In the midst of the winter freeze, it’s very hard to not wish we were back in NZ!  It is heartwarming to look back with fondness on a chapter in our lives that we will never forget, yet we must continue to embrace our current stage and location, regardless of the lack of beaches, breweries, and meat pies.


Brendon is in the final stages of his thesis.  These days, he writes mainly from home, although the odd time he packs up his books and heads to Dose Coffee Company, the gem of Red Deer.



Brendon has just a month or so left… to finish his final chapter, edit, revise, and submit his thesis.  This sounds like a hefty task, and it is.  Without the companionship and support of the community of fellow scholars and students that once surrounded at Laidlaw, the task of thesis-writing has been a lonely one.  But I am really proud of the way Brendon has persevered through the challenges of solo scholarship in this foreign township.


What is next after his thesis is finished?  Brendon gets asked this question often.  First, a trip back to NZ sometime in the next couple of months to defend his thesis.  After that, Brendon will try to get a job of some sort.  Ideally, he would like to teach at a post-secondary institution or seminary somewhere, but jobs in this realm are not exactly plentiful.  There are other projects and fields to which he could also apply his skill-set, but nothing is lined up as of yet.  It’s a little bit unnerving, but also exciting, waiting to see what kind of opportunities will present themselves.


8 thoughts on “Looking back, looking ahead.

  1. You two have accomplished so much! Blessings on you, Brendon as you “gasp” to the finish line. You won’t stop there. Huge accomplishment. God bless you both on the next leg of your journey.

    Lone, Nanny.

  2. Yum, Pie! You are adventurers, so no doubt adventures will present themselves to you over this next season of adjustment and unknowns. So excited for Breno finishing up his study!

    • Thanks, Christina! Yes, excited to find out what the future will hold… in the mean time, adventures with you two have made this phase of life all the more rich and full. Thankful to have you guys close by! 🙂

  3. “…Dose Coffee Company, the gem of Red Deer.” I like it.

    Keep it up Brenno. Rooting for you from the East Coast!

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