Vancouver: Reunions, restaurants, and roamings.


Vancouver is a big city.  Filled with lots of awesome things.  It took us a while to get out here together, but we were certainly glad we did.


Our visit to Vancouver held some long-overdue reunions with some excellent people.


On our westward journey, we stopped in to see Ashley & Kevin in Abbotsford, and had the chance to meet their sweet little girl, Cassidy.  


An awesome discovery we made just shortly before our visit was that the two sets of friends we planned to visit while in Vancouver were already friends with eachother!  A group dinner was arranged.  It was so great to catch up with Jarret & Jessie (who we connected with in NZ) and Carrie & Mike (friends from Edmonton).


So special it was to meet Ethan, Carrie and Mike’s little guy, for the first time.  He’s certainly a charmer!



We dined at Chambar one evening, upon recommendation by a friend.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect, other than being told to order the mussels. 


We obeyed orders, and also sprung for the spiced nuts, along with some cured trout with char-grilled octopus, and beetroot carpaccio, which were complex and delightful.  The hospitality was commendable, and whole experience was entirely delightful.  A visit to Chambar comes highly recommended in our books next time you visit Vancouver.


What a fabulous establishment Meat & Bread is.  It highlights the beauty and simplicity of a sandwich.  Quality ingredients prepared carefully and presented on a nice piece of bread.  With mustard on the side.  What more can you ask for??  


Oh, and not into gluten?  Get your meat in a bowl!  The porchetta with salsa verde is also excellent this way.


The communal table is a great way to meet people.  Though a few Vancouverites told us not to expect the locals to be overly friendly, we did have a nice conversation with a friendly chap who was involved in the film industry.



We roamed primarily in the downtown areas, exploring the districts of Gastown, Yaletown, Chinatown, and Granville Island.


Highlights from our wanderings included perusing boutique shops & cafes in search of gems and inspiration,


stumbling upon some cool street art,


running our fingers through some green grass,


marvelling at the signs of spring,


and breathing in some ocean air.  Maybe not the typical attractions that people come to Vancouver for, but for us, these were much appreciated.  

Overall impressions.


The city of Vancouver has an abundance of offerings.  The bustle of being in a big city again was enticing.  We lucked out and enjoyed two sunny days, with temperatures around 10 degrees.  It felt familiar… like a day in NZ’s “winter.”  We appreciated how the downtown core was easy to navigate on foot, and how the city as a whole was so pedestrian-friendly.  We also noticed that the First Nations culture seemed to be more embraced in this seaside city, evidenced through the public display of art.  We thought this was neat.


Vancouver, while we are only just getting to know you still, you have impressed us enough that we will likely see you again.


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