Round two in the Rouge.


A quick flash-forward to the present.


We made it back to safe & sound from our roadtrip mid-August.  The old Corolla held up great over our 11,500 km journey, we just had to keep her topped up with oil.  I would fill up with gas while Brendon would fill up with oil.  We had a good system going.


Now back in Red Deer, we are currently living in a trailer (owner by B’s parents) on Nicole & Craig’s farm.  Although there have been days when running water, heat, and refrigeration have been hard to come by (trailer living can be quite the adventure), we are thankful for a place to call home while we wait for our new apartment to become ready for us to move in on October 1.

We are quite sure that round two in the Deer will be better than round 1, and feeling optimistic about the months that lie ahead.


A new school year has started!  So far, I am loving Grade 2 and my enthusiastic & supportive grade partners.


(Feel lucky to work alongside these amazing ladies!!)  With my school having moved school buildings over the summer, there was some extra work to do with unpacking and classroom setup.

NaomiLuke.School WyattJaspy.School

Thanks to the help of Brendon, Nicole, and my niece & nephews (Naomi, Luke, Wyatt & Jasper), my classroom has been transformed into a space I am really quite excited about.



I’ve gone with a bit of a Canadian adventure motif this year, inspired by our summer travels.

Grade 2’s are funny.  They make me laugh A LOT and say the cutest things, sometimes at the most random times.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun year in Room 129.


And a quick update on where Brendon is at with his thesis.

The thesis revision stage is still ongoing, but with an end in sight.  Just this past week, he was offered a space to work in a local Anglican church, which he is extremely grateful for.  It has been tricky not having a consistent space to work out of and having to cart his books with him everyday.  This will allow for a stationary workplace for this last little bit while he plows through the final revisions and adjustments, before submitting sometime this fall.  Almost there, B!!


4 thoughts on “Round two in the Rouge.

  1. First of all, the picture and your fellow gr2 ladies is beautiful! Second, I dint know you were living in a trailer right now! How adventurous!! I love it!

    • Haha, thanks Heather!! Thanks for your excellent care & supervision of my 2’s over the lunch hour… love how I still get to see you often even you even though I’m no longer in the junior high department this year! 😉

  2. Love your classroom, Mel. Reminds me of another time, another place…. Does your car have as good a reputation as “Baby Shay”?

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