In print and getting close: A thesis update.


The light at the end of the thesis tunnel is growing brighter by the day.  Brendon’s thesis is in print.  It sits on our table, approximately 3.5cm high.


The Chicago Manual of Style has been a trusty companion in these last few weeks (or should we say months) of editing and revision.  Brendon has hired an editor in England to do final edits on the document, and hopefully catch anything that was missed.



Upon completion of final edits, Brendon will submit offical final copies of his thesis to AUT in New Zealand, from where they will be distributed to each of the 3 graders who will be evaluating his PhD.


It’s pretty crazy to see a project you’ve worked for years on finally come (just about) to completion, and finally manifest itself in physical form.  Brendon is feeling more positive than previously about it, and certainly excited to tie up the final strings of this multi-year endeavour.  Not much more to go now, B!  You’ve got this.


5 thoughts on “In print and getting close: A thesis update.

  1. Wow, what a mammoth effort. I can just imagine the relief and euphoria on finally submitting it. A trip to NZ soon yes? I wonder if we might coincide – we will be there in March. All the best in these final days Breno!

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