Summer snaps.

This was a bit of an atypical summer for us.  Studies, a thesis defense, and a job for Brendon made it tricky to make a big summer roadtrip happen.  Still, we did our best to seize moments and make memories.

A few summer highlights:


The return to student life.


Beginning my journey through the MES Program with these excellent folks.


A reunion with our New Zealand family (minus Brandon, plus kids) in Kelowna.


Reading in a rib cage.


Two clutch at bats resulting in a lead-off single, an RBI, and a stolen base. Run scored in a 3-2 game.


Sister weekends in Red Deer.


Floating. #thesummerwefloated  (Thanks @allibgood for the photo.)


Sailing & sunsets with friends on Sylvan Lake.


2 thoughts on “Summer snaps.

  1. Please share Brendon’s email with me. I’m trying to get him asked to do a review of a book for Theological Studies which should be right up his alley. I don’t need to subscribe to the blog.

  2. I am trying to locate Brendon Neilsen to do a book review for THEOLOGICAL STUDIES.Recommended by Terry Tilley.

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