Lake trip.


Six seeks to go… in just a short time, things like beautiful beaches and clear, turquoise waters will not be so easily accessible.  From our home city of Edmonton, the nearest ocean will be approximately… a 13 hour drive away.

m & b 06 weeks to go!

We are well aware of our dwindling days, and are trying to make the most of our time left in NZ, as well as this amazingly long, warm summer we have been blessed with.


Some friends recommended we pay a visit to the Kai Iwi Lakes before we depart.  Coming from the land-locked Prairie province of Alberta, the word “lake” doesn’t necessily conjure up pleasant images… Brown, murky waters with an overgrowth of algae, not to mention the leeches… I wasn’t overly convinced to squeeze in a lake trip, until I saw a photo.  A roadtrip to Kai Iwi Lakes was then penciled on to our itinerary.


A short 2.5 hour drive north of Auckland, the Kai Iwi Lakes glisten in their multi-shade turquoise tones.


A decent-sized stretch of soft, white sand surrounds the water’s edge on one side, making for the perfect lakeside beaching spot.


We were amazed at the clarity of the water, and the lack of debris of any sort floating about.  The water remains quite shallow for some ways out, making it warm and inviting to swim in.


The cute-as Kai Iwi Kai stand was closed for the season, but we could still appreciate its aesthetics.

Kai Iwi Lakes

Thanks, Kai Iwi, for a lake trip more pleasant and exotic than we knew possible.  This lake has definitely spurred our interest in exploring the “Greatest” of Lakes in our home country once we return.



7 thoughts on “Lake trip.

  1. I love the photos of you two in this post! Yes NZ lakes, in general, are pristine huh! I grew up by the beach, yet more accustomed to lakes due to family holidays. I will always favor the clean water over the salty sea anyday (Jesse is the opposite as ‘lakes don’t have surf’)

    • Thanks, Christina! Yes, swimming in the clean, fresh water was amazing. I do enjoy waves as well, but it was nice not to feel sticky and salty after! Going to miss this place.

  2. I grew up in Auckland and never went to these lakes….another add to the October trip :-). With the ice cream truck behind you I also miss those massive ice cream cones you get in the dinky little dairies in the townships 🙂

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