Things we havn’t missed.

Now on to the list of things we havn’t missed from Canada.


Snow.  (Special thanks to my dad, Andy, for these first 3 photos.)




Icy sidewalks.


Shoveling snow.

Temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.

Snow in the Stillness

Frozen fingers and toes.

Morning rituals involving scraping centimeters of ice off your windshield.

The 1 cent coin, aka penny.  We could probably do away with the nickel as well.


G.S.T. (and P.S.T. in applicable provinces.)


The vicious Prairie mosquito.

Eau de hockey dressing room.

Edible oil product.

Orange cheese.

The infamous Double Double.

I was honestly surprised with the short length of this list.  As you can see, we tried hard to make it longer by listing all negative aspects associated with snow, but we racked our brains and couldn’t think of anything to add.  Maybe items will trickle in later.  Or maybe Canada is just a pretty great place after all…


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