A new place to call home

The Neilsons are now out on their own, living it up in a cute, apartment-style flat situated behind some shops on the bustling and trendy Mt. Eden Road.   The premises are surrounded by lush palm trees and other tropical greenery.  We are on the second floor of a private apartment complex containing just 5 suites in total.  

The side of our building is covered with this lovely graffiti mural. 

And here’s Baby Shea in her new parking spot.

Our new place of residence has some special features.  Not a drinking fountain, but a bidet!  Brendon is especially stoked about this feature.  Me, a little less.  Brendon claims already that he is through with toilet paper.

The bathroom is quite large, containing both a shower and a separate bathtub.  It’s been forever since we’ve lived in a place with a bathtub, so I plan to take advantage of this feature.  The bathroom also has a heat lamp, which is a real treat.

And our apartment has a spacious, tiled balcony out front, catching some great late-afternoon sun.  Would definitely like to get a cute table and chair set to go out there.

The kitchen is also quite nice, and comes with this retro stove. 

Interestingly, people in NZ tend to drag around their fridges when they move, so this is one of many items we were needing to purchase upon moving into our place.  We found a fridge on TradeMe, an online auction site which is pretty much the equivalent of ebay meets kijiji.  When we went to pick it up, however, we discovered it was in much rougher shape than the owner had described.  The seller had failed to mention that the fridge also came with heaps of rust, mould, and cockroaches.  Yes, cockroaches.  To our misfortune, we only found this out once we got it home.  It was then that the creatures started making their appearance, crawling out of the all the little cracks and crannies within the fridge.  We were absolutely disgusted, and horrified at what we had now inherited. 

Our friend Brandon was optimistic that with a new seal, some silicone, and a good spraying of bug killer, the fridge could be salvaged, but I, along with his wife Kristen, were convinced this was a fridge that no one should own. 

I would also like to point out that this fridge came equipped with its own a “butter control” tray.  Now this is a pretty hot feature for a fridge, we know, but it was still not enough to convince us that this beast of a refrigerator would ever set foot in our home.  Surprisingly, the guy we bought the fridge from on Trademe is letting us return the fridge.  Thank goodness… otherwise, we weren’t sure how we were going to get rid of it.  I wouldn’t feel right selling it to any other human being. 

We were met with another surprise the day we moved in.  Although the carpets were supposedly industrially cleaned before we moved in, we were greatly disappointed to see that there was still a large amount of cat hair covering the carpets.  This is particularly a problem because I am quite allergic to cats.  We spent a couple of hours vacuuming and washing walls that first day, in hopes of ridding the place of as much cat dander and hair as possible.  It took some convincing, but we were finally able to get the real estate agent who had shown us the place back over to look at the situation.  She was able to confirm our speculations about the carpets in fact not being clean, and is currently working out some sort of amends to the situation.  We’re not quite sure what happened; either the carpet cleaners failed to do their job, or the place was just that filthy with cat hair before that the industrial cleaners couldn’t take care of it all.  Either way, hopefully things will be resolved soon.

This is to say that our move from East Wing to our own apartment has been full of surprises.  But we are so thankful for the help and support of good friends who let us borrow their vehicles, helped transport and move our stuff into our new place, leant us various household items, and helped us rid our place of cat hair.  It’s made the transition a lot easier, and we are so appreciative for all the help and love we’ve been given.  We are excited about living in our new place, and about the potential that it holds for some great times. 


8 thoughts on “A new place to call home

  1. Hey Mel!
    The graffiti wall is so cool! i really like it! 🙂 your new place looks nice! other than the fridge… I hope you find a new fridge that doesn’t have cockroaches in it!
    love Kim

    • Hey Kim,
      Yeah, pretty sweet wall! Pretty random also… I have found SO many sweet locations for photoshoots. The only problem is that I have no one to photograph… 😦 I know you’d be down if you were here! 🙂 Hope you’re doing awesome and enjoy a great summer in E-town!

  2. You guys, your place looks so unique and fun! All the different doors and window lines makes my eyes happy.
    I love that the parking space is bricked and not asphalt.
    Would have died to see those kind of bugs crawling out…
    Have a great time getting settled! Love reading all your updates!

    • Thanks, Dani. Miss you guys!! Yeah the bugs were pretty sick… Couldn’t believe what we had brought home. Brendon is taking it back today, and bringing home a table and some chairs, so our place will be feeling a bit more homey soon.

  3. Hey Guys…although it sounds like there have been a few moving hiccups (I shudder for you mel as i think upon those cockroaches…yuck!) your place looks so awesome! Good luck finding another fridge, and enjoy your new space!!

    • Thanks, Heather! Yeah we are enjoying our new place and location. Went exploring the area the other day… there’s some pretty neat shops down the main road that we’re living on. Hopefully in another week, we should have a fridge. And hopefully some other furniture too. 🙂 Miss you lots 🙂

  4. Your new home looks wonderful. All the problems have been sorted out along the way. I hope the cat fur/hair hasn’t caused Mel’s allergies to act up. So did you find a fridge?

    • Thanks, Lisa. Thankfully, my allergies havn’t been acting up at all. So thankful for that. Still no fridge… we have put our furniture hunt on hold temporarily until Brendon finishes a huge paper that he’s been working on. It’s been slightly challenging, but it’s just meant we have to be a bit more creative with meals and groceries. It cools down pretty good here overnight right now, lately to 3 or 4 degrees, so it works to keep stuff outside. Miss you!

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